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Jonathan Cowan
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South Africa
I'm a hobbyist writer who day dreams story scenes all the times and then forgets what I thought up. I'm Italian/Irish living in the city of Pretoria, situated in the beautiful South Africa! I write poems on a occasion, usually only when asked to by a friend which, for me, makes the poem more special:)

Currently I'm a student at the University of Pretoria doing a BSc in Agricultural Animal and Pasture Science. I love to read, mainly Fantasy and Sci-fi. I'm particularly a fan of Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd. Currently I'm planning a slight twist to Pern. Not a huge change like some of the fanart and fanfics I've seen(which absolutely shocks me, though maybe I'm just an extreme purist towards that amazing world....:shrug: ) though it is an idea that could have great potential. Its for myself though one day If Todd McCaffrey say's it does justice to his mother's world I'd be over the moon.

I'm like photography to a degree but I see it as capturing I moment that may never happen again instead of creating a moment. That's about it for what I feel anyone who sees my profile should know :)

For those who visit and enjoy reading my pieces, I'm glad you did and I hope they were an exciting door to another world/ place!


As stated above, I'm a writer looking for an artist to colab with, something along the lines of script writing(you comics and such, maybe even games) to get some experience in that field. Anybody possibly interested? Comment or :note:  me :)
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Commission for Mytransformations.

I once was a man, and I still am at heart and in mind

So, a few months ago, I was a guy. Now, how I became a woman is a strange story. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, sex-change op”, but nope. That’s not even remotely close.
I was quite muscular, tall, with short blonde hair and dark green eyes. I’d heard before that people could make money by taking part in medical trials. I thus started looking online and in the papers for any advertisements requesting “test subjects”.
I found one that seemed promising. It was for testing a new body building product, and since body building is a hobby of mine, I called them up immediately. A receptionist at Quartz Medical Industries answered, and politely answered my enquiries about what the test entailed, how long it would be for and how much I would be paid. So, taking a supplement for two months while recording any changes in diet and physical appearance, and a pay cheque of five hundred dollars? The supplements were free to boot.
I signed up, picked up my supply the next day and started my test treatment. The instructions I was given said to take one capsule after every main meal, and that alcohol consumption would not cause any adverse effects. Sweet. So I could still go out partying. I popped a supplement after every meal and took notes.
Two weeks later, I noticed my pectoral muscles had gotten a bit bigger. I noted this down and continued with the experimental treatment. A few days later, while taking a leak, I noticed something that bothered me. My dick had shrunk! I was sure of it! Damn non-mentioned negative side-effects! Okay, it was only marginally smaller, but smaller is not what I signed up for.
Another few days pass and I discover something else has changed about my body. My pectoral muscles had started changing shape, were they turning into boobs? I put my hands over them, and sure enough I could feel they weren’t the hard, well-toned pecs all girls wish their boyfriends had. Nope, they were mildly squishy. Fuck. Okay, so it’s been three weeks now and this was not going the way I’d planned it. I decided to call Quartz Medical Industries and see if I could get any reassurance that this was expected and would pass. The line was dead. Well, SHIT.
So, I’d signed up with some weird company that seemed legit but no longer exists and had taken pills that seemed to be changing my body in an unexpected way. I couldn’t tell anyone, they’d think I was crazy. A pill that can change your gender? Come on.
Hmmmmm, maybe I wasn’t the only one. The ad had run for a while, so maybe there had been other gullible dupes? Yes, I called myself a gullible dupe. I deserved it. Maybe this happened to teach me some lesson? What lesson, though? I treat women with respect. The few female friends I have, at least, all say I treat them well and any girls they see me around.
Some sort of cruel joke, perhaps? Could be. The universe has been known to be a bitch to people who seemingly didn’t deserve whatever happened to them. Hey, I’ll get to fondle some tits without getting a slap, I thought to myself.
I decided to stop the treatment, see if it would stop the change, and perhaps even allow my body to change back. I had to go see a doctor though, see if one could at least tell me what was going on with my body on more than a physical level.
I called a clinic and made an appointment to see one Doctor Grober the next day. I followed my usual pre-med routine, took a shower, and caught the bus into town. The office was, at the very least, easy to find. Six-seventy-three Clinic Drive. Really? Clinic Drive? Must be full of clinics. Ugh. Doctors offices.
I sat in the waiting area, reading five-month-old travel magazines, getting stupendously bored until my name was called. I went in, sat on the gurney and looked at the Doc. “So, I hear you’re pretty big in the medical world, Doc. Maybe you can tell me what’s up.” He was the typical grey-haired, wrinkle-faced, glasses-wearing family doctor-looking type. Doc Grober was probably close to retirement, too.
“And what is ‘up’, as you so plainly put it, Mister Carver?” he asked, with one eyebrow arched. “Well, Doc,” I said with a sigh, “There had been some weird changes going on in my body lately. My pecs are getting bigger, I swear to God my dick is getting smaller and between you and me; I can’t get it up even though I haven’t gotten some in a while. And it’s all because of this new supplement I’ve been on a trial for.”
The doctor’s eyebrow arched higher and he stared at me. “If what you say is true, I can’t tell you much from a first observation. Bring some of those supplements so I can test them. Now, strip!” He said this last word like an order and sat on the corner of his desk, continuing to stare at me. I gulped and started stripping. Doctor Grober then took a camera out from the other side of his desk and proceeded to take photos of my nude, muscular form. When he took what seemed to him a satisfactory amount, he told me to return when convenient so that any change that may have occurred could be documented.
I shrugged, got dressed, said thanks and left. So, it was a waiting game then. The bus trip back to my apartment felt longer than usual, slower than usual. Probably because my mind was racing at the implications of what this might mean. Could I really live as a woman? What about my ID? My job? My apartment and my friends? I suppose they would all have to change, except maybe the ones I saw on a regular basis. They’d notice the changing, surely!
After almost missing my stop, I trudged up the stairs to my apartment. I always took the stairs, had to keep my fitness up after all. I checked the clock. Lunch time. Feeling lazy; I dug out some cup ramen and made some tea, then sat down to see what I had to watch on my laptop. The rest of my day was spent watching “Warehouse 13”. I finally passed out in the early hours of the next morning.
10 a.m. came by and I was woken by my bladder screaming at me to get my ass up and to the bathroom. Once again, no glory in the whizzer. And even smaller? How fast was this shit happening?! I sighed and scratched my left pectoral. Softer? Great, more like a boob than a muscle. Was I getting A-cups? I cupped my pecs and gave them a squeeze.
Yeah, felt like a pair of A’s on a cute loli girl. If this was for real, I wanted at least a pair of C’s, so I could be a hot-ass babe. A thought suddenly struck me. There are a lot of lesbian clubs in town, and I had a lesbian friend, that I vowed never to hit on. We weren’t like that, anyway. She had a great rack that she let me ogle from time to time, though. There was that, but no, I would not turn her into a sex idol (too late, but meh).
I took a few measurements as best I could (usual guy measurements, like length and girth) and then headed to my laptop with a resigned sigh. Definitely smaller. Oh well, research time. May as well find a lesbian hunting ground if I was destined to be a chick, right? I had a good long list after a few hours and then gave my lesbian friend, Amanda, a call to invite her over and to discuss my situation.
Amanda (a tall, raven-haired, blue-eyed, big busted bombshell of Russian descent) sounded sceptical but agreed to drive over. When she arrived I let her in and already her eye brows went up. “You definitely look different, I’ll give you that” she said in a slightly surprised tone of voice. “You think? I’ve got A-cups growing on my chest and a dick that’s getting shorter by the day!” I replied, exasperated. “Anyway” I continued, “like I said, seems I’m turning into a chick due to some trial supplements and I need some help. I know you frequent lez clubs and get lucky quite often.”
“So?” she asked in a flat voice.
I sighed. “Soooooo I need someone to help me look the part.” God, I hate when she wants me to state the obvious.
“You poor, unfashionable man” Amanda said with a smirk, mirth dancing in her eyes. “Deal, but any pussy it doesn’t work out with, send them my way, or send me theirs” she added and concluded with a wink.
Who couldn’t smile at arrogance like hers? This is why I asked her. So, the discussion began, with me naming the clubs I’d researched and Amanda shooting them down as crappy with no talent. I sighed. This had become a horrible habit.
“There’s a great place near my apartment named Crushed Velvet. Tons of talent, huge variety of pussy there and I’ve sampled a good few,” she said when it seemed like I’d given up to live like a lonely, grouchy cat lady.
“That so?” I asked, completely sceptical.
“Uuummm… Duh” I rolled my eyes.
“I can’t do any clothes shopping” This took her aback a bit. “Why not? How fast is the change?”
“Fast enough to be noticeable, but too slow to be practical. I’m sure my cock’s lost at least an inch, too” I said in disdain.
“So? Just one inch left and you’re all good!”
I gave her my best death glare. All she did was snicker at me. She knew what I had, having spoken to some of my exes, but she was not above bashing my ego when the moment struck.
“Aaaaaanyway, can you come over every once in a while to see what’s happening and to gauge when I’m ready for the lesbian world?”
“Yeah, sure. Hey, if you turn out to be a total babe, can I have the first taste?”
I stared at her for a few seconds before she burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes again. She left shortly afterwards, saying she had some things to.
The next few weeks of observations went by quickly as my job as a handyman for hire kept me busy all of a sudden, all in the homes of beautiful young to middle-aged women. I never complained, except when some of the ladies took me for gay at first glance. Damn loss of masculinity!
Three weeks later, I had a day off and so visited Doc Grober before meeting with Amanda. The Doc was very surprised at how feminine my body and voice had become, but said he needed some clothed pictures to document the change and I gave him some of those dodgy supplements. I posed for the shots and left.
Besides the loss of masculinity; I’d have to say the worst part about this whole change was the back aches from the huge globes that seemed to have sprouted from my chest practically overnight. Got me some glorious, firm C’s to fondle now. Which I did last night. Super weird being able to feel what it was like from the chick’s point of view. My dick had almost shrunken away to nothing by then and I’d had to resort to putting a note above the toilet to remind myself to sit so I didn’t piss down my legs trying to take a whizz in the morning. Better than on my stomach, like in my teenhood when I first started getting morning glory, I supposed.
That afternoon, Amanda came over and returned the ogling for the first time ever. Looked like she approved. “Okay, time to make that womanly body of yours look fab. You look like a real babe, too.” She said as I was getting us some wine. “Hmmmm, maybe I’ll be serious about that first taste after all” she added, licking her lips and looking me over. I blushed. I actually blushed. I was almost mortified. I cleared my throat.
“Oh, don’t be so shy, Robert. I hear I’m great with my hands and tongue. Their moans told me so,” she said, and winked playfully.
My face was approaching the shade of a tomato. Amanda smirked, crawled over to my side of the couch and climbed onto my lap before cradling my face in her hands. “You do make a pretty hot girl for a guy” she said softly, then pressed her lips to mine. This kiss was unlike any other I’d ever had. My lips tingled and it felt like my whole body was buzzing from just her lips pressing against my own. I wanted more.
I parted my lips in a soft moan when her tongue started probing my lips, though gently, as if asking for permission to enter and she damn well got it. When her soft, wet, silky tongue touched my own, it sent shivers down my body. My breathing deepened and a heat began to grow between my legs. This was an odd experience for me, since this was the first time I had been aroused in this new body.
Amanda started stroking my sides, up to my boobs which were wrapped up to keep them flat. Why I bothered though when my voice had changed too and I was definitely completely female now, I wasn’t sure. My gorgeous bombshell of a friend started tugging at the hem of my loose t-shirt and I let her take it off, breaking our hot kiss just long enough to do so. Her hands then moved behind me, to the small of my back then up to the zipper keeping my full C’s in check. The touch of her bare fingers on the small of my back turned up the heat in my crotch and I could feel what I could only assume to be the wetness of female arousal. I realized then that Amanda was treating me like a woman, using the tricks guys use to get their fuck buddies horny, and this is how those girls felt. Damn. Also, missing the feeling of pressure in my pants was incredible strange. Oh well.
I shifted when Amanda found the zipper and I sighed with relief when she finally undid it. She flung it behind her and attacked my firm globes with her eager hands, our kiss becoming deeper and more passionate. Soon it was I who was tugging at the hem of her shirt. I pulled her spaghetti top off in one fluid motion. Next, my hands roamed up her back and unclasped the lacy purple bra holding her breasts up like a gift. As though my hands had a mind of their own; they slid up her sides, sliding over her bare, ample tits and then closed over them, gently squeezing them.
She sighed and moaned against my lips as I massaged her. I sighed and moaned back as she was doing the same to me, causing our lips to be apart as much as they were locked together. After what felt like an age of making out and groping each other Amanda pulled away and slowly got off my lap and slid her hands down to my crotch, where she undid the button and zip of my jeans. She was going to give me head!
Under my jeans was a red pair of woman’s panties, since wearing boxers or briefs just wasn’t comfortable anymore. Amanda bit her lip when she saw them. “Those suit you quite well, Rob” she said sensually, then grabbed the waistband and pulled them right down my legs, leaving my feminine body and bare crotch completely exposed to her hungry eyes ( I shaved, of course). I blushed and started feeling shy for the first time. “Come on, dear, don’t be shy. You just enjoy.”
My eyes rolled back when she dipped her head between my legs and gently started lapping at my pussy. The sensations made my head swim and made it hard to think. She ran her tongue over my clit and I squirmed. My hands went to my boobs of their own volition and started fondling them, increasing my heart rate and arousal. A few minutes later she looked up at me before sliding her hands under my ass, lifting me up and pushing the tip of her tongue down my wet tunnel.
My hands have never moved so fast in my life. They latched on to the back of Amanda’s head and pushed it down into my crotch, wanting that velvety tongue so so much deeper. I felt, rather than heard, her giggle. I moaned as her definitely-skilled tongue slid in deeper, then slowly moved it and out. I writhed, moaning and bucked in pleasure while she tongue-fucked me closer and closer to orgasm. The pressure was building in my chest, and my stomach. It built and built until, suddenly, an explosion of pleasure blasted through my body, making everything go stiff. The unexpected relief caused me to push Amanda’s gorgeous face harder into my pussy than I’d thought I could. The whole time she didn’t stop her licking and probing.
“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUU.....” was all that came out of my mouth. This was so much longer than any I’d enjoyed as a man and so much better! When I’d finally stopped moaning and my body relaxed, Amanda lifted her dishevelled, cum-smeared face up and grinned at me, then licked her lips. “The first time always tastes the sweetest” she said softly in that sensual, sexy tone of voice. “Quiet, you,” was all my heaving chest would allow me to get out, but then I grinned. I motioned with my fingers for her to get up and onto my lap.
The bombshell Russian wriggled out of her white shorts and lime green thong, then gently got onto my lap and kissed me soundly. The taste of my lady juices on her lips was magnificent. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and savoured every drop that coated her lovely tongue.
My boldness caught her off guard but she went with it anyway, swirling her tongue around mine. “You know” I whispered softly, a little less breathlessly, into her ear, “I think I’m going to like being a chick, especially if it continues like this.”
“Oh, you’re not done yet. You’ve still got me to do. And by do, I do mean DO.” She said smugly.
“Oh? And how will I do you?” I asked out of curiosity.
“I still like cocks in me, you know, but just not on men. How about you eat me, then we go to my apartment where you can violate me with plastic equivalents of your former pride in any position you wish?”
“Sounds like a plan,” I replied, then pushed her down onto the couch where I made the glorious descent from her mouth, down her neck to her chest. I licked and sucked each nipple to a stiff peak, mimicking the movement with my hand on the other. She sighed long and slow as I continued down over her flat stomach to her centre; kissing and nibbling the whole way. This was something I knew I could do; having done it plenty of times as a man. I was pretty sure I had her squirming waaaaaay more than I had been moments before. After catching our breath sprawled together on the couch, we showered together making out and groping the whole time, after which we dressed and drove to her apartment for the best fucking I’ve ever done.
It’s been a few months since my change started, and Amanda and I are now dating (yeah, wouldn’t have even thought those words back then) and we regularly enjoy each other’s bodies. I even have my own collection of sex toys now, though most of them I use on my busty, lusty lover.
Still, not sure what caused this whole thing in the first place. Doctor Grober could never figure out what was in those pills. Too bad; that formula would have been worth an absolute fortune.
Charlie - chilling on dad's hand by Green-EyedTiger
Charlie - chilling on dad's hand
I was showing her to my girlfriend Liza's family. Even got her onto Liza's aunt. slowly getting more people into tarantula's and getting rid fear.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: 30 seconds to Mars - Do or Die
  • Reading: Steam and Sorcery
  • Watching: Being Human and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Really? The last time I posted a journal, I was still on Dragonquest? Damn. OKay so I'm jamming to MARS while I be typing all this. tons happened lately. Been top Italy and France in the Winter Holidays. I should really put up some photos, especially of the torture museum(yes, they exist), and Volterra, Tuscany, where we spent the majority of the trip. We went on a day trip to Firenze(so that's Florence) with our uncle, we stayed with our grandparents and jacked free wifi from a bench across the street like total bosses(okay, they left it open), we had that pizza you fold in half(that was like the best damn pizza I've ever had), had ice cream at the park just down the road(nonno - our grandpa) would buy for us like all the time (more than I have in a year!) and up in the town proper(we were right down at the bottom at the edge of town).

I was quite disappointed at the lack of quality eye candy though T_T(gonna be beaten with a shoe for this comment but I MUST(lol).

Hmmmmm what else? Oh, yes. Made a new friend (^_^) Liza, a real sweetheart. And she's getting me a tarantula for my birthday :) I have one already(surprised I haven't made a journal about that!) so I need to get some photos up here to freak people out. Her/his name is Charlie(androgynous since the gender wasn't a surety when i got her) and is a Brachypelma albopilosum tarantula(aka a Honduran Curly Hair). Oh, and my gift tarantula species is currently unknown to me :stare: which I'm glad about, but out of 6 possible, I have no clue which it could be! :nuu:

Varisty is going quite well this year, been studying hard for all my subjects, and the exam time table is looking alright, despite the fact that I'm writing on my birthday. Speaking of birthdays, seems I'm getting quite spoiled this year(friends) but I have no clue what to ask for this year. Book vouchers would be epic. Okay, there are only a few books I want, maybe some actual headphones and not earphones. Meh, will start thinking in November :shrug:.

Hmmmm I think that concludes today's bout of rambling on.
Oh, read tons of books on my little Proline tablet lately.
Noooow I'm done :la:

Cheers til I determine enough hath happened for another journal :wave:

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