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Until furthur notice, all commissions are closed.

I'll reopen them again in June when I'm on holiday and have time to properly work on them without having to juggle studying.

All commissions I have right now I will still work on.

JJWsmith yours should be done by Saturday night at the latest. I know you asked for it to be done as quickly as possible but this weekend I was too sick to do very much and I'm recovering while attending classes. I ask that you please be understanding. I will be sending you a link of it once I've gotten 1k words of it done for your inspection and approval.


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Jonathan Cowan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
I'm a hobbyist writer who day dreams story scenes all the times and then forgets what I thought up. I'm Italian/Irish living in the city of Pretoria, situated in the beautiful South Africa! I write poems on a occasion, usually only when asked to by a friend which, for me, makes the poem more special:)

Currently I'm a student at the University of Pretoria doing a BSc in Agricultural Animal and Pasture Science. I love to read, mainly Fantasy and Sci-fi. I'm particularly a fan of Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd. Currently I'm planning a slight twist to Pern. Not a huge change like some of the fanart and fanfics I've seen(which absolutely shocks me, though maybe I'm just an extreme purist towards that amazing world....:shrug: ) though it is an idea that could have great potential. Its for myself though one day If Todd McCaffrey say's it does justice to his mother's world I'd be over the moon.

I'm like photography to a degree but I see it as capturing I moment that may never happen again instead of creating a moment. That's about it for what I feel anyone who sees my profile should know :)

For those who visit and enjoy reading my pieces, I'm glad you did and I hope they were an exciting door to another world/ place!


The short walk up the track towards the large command tent was a strange one for Llyle. It was akin to going to the movies where one walked through a dark corridor with a few blue lights on either side showing you where to go so you didn’t hit a wall. The guards at the tent’s entrance allowed them inside without question.

A large male faerie with sky blue skin, intense red eyes and a bald pate was talking to other faeries of various colours over a map as the trio walked in, pointing to it while mentioning different names. He looked first at Lizzie and gave her a curt nod of thanks. She curtsied in response and then indicated Llyle.

“This is Llyle, good Captain Kornel” Lizzie said softly but didn’t introduce Arthur to him, though the old faerie just waved to the large Captain jovially.
“So, Arthur, this is him?” Captain Kornel asked in a deep yet rather smooth voice, which Llyle had expected would be rough as is the usual for such people, characters or tough guys.
“Indeed, Kornel. I am confident this young lad will do just fine in assisting us in saving Avalon for another cycle. His mind is open and elastic; he may yet surpass other Guardians that have graced this wonderful World of ours.”
Captain Kornel looked Llyle over and then turned back to the map. Llyle and Arthur moved closer and Lizzie retreated out of the tent, having performed her role in the affair.  The young boy looked down over the map, seeing names of places in some strange language that he, for some reason, could read without trouble. The names were accompanied by numbers. Llyle points at a number next to a little figurine of a tent which sat on top of a name that looked like it read ‘Port’.

“Is this us? And what does this number mean?” he asked, somewhat shyly due to all the eyes in the tent being on him.
“Yes, Llyle, it is. That number is the number of times this region has been attacked by Nightmares.” the Captain replied in his deep voice, but his voice held a slightly respectful note. Llyle had spoken up despite his age and was willing to do his part in the events to come.

Llyle then looked over the map and noticed a pattern.  All the areas marked on it were on or close to branches of the River and that the numbers grew larger the closer they were to a stack of concentric circles in the centre of the map. He looked at the markings in the centre and furrowed his brow.
“Why are there a bunch of circles for the Crown Peak? Isn’t it just a mountain?”
“Each ring represents a level of the great peak, with each level being smaller than the last as one goes upwards. We must navigate them to get to the top.”
“I see. Can you not just fly to the top, though?”
Captain Kornel sighed. “It is far too high for any creature in Avalon to take us up there.”
“I see.” Llyle said plainly. After a moment longer of studying the map, he spoke up again. “If those numbers are the amount of attacks that place has suffered so far, are there even faeries living there anymore? Some of the numbers are pretty high.”

Another old faerie in the tent spoke up then, saying “No, for those few that were lucky to survive have been evacuated to area further down their Rivers.”
“You think quickly though. Perhaps you will do better than even Arthur did when I fought alongside him in the previous Cleansing of the Peak, and beside Astrid in the Cleansing before that.” Captain Kornel said with the slightest amount of hope and respect in his voice.
Llyle’s eyes bulged out in response to that small bit of information. He never thought faeries lived that long and had thought that Arthur was the oldest in Avalon. Captain Kornel didn’t even look that old, unlike some of the other faeries in the tent. Were they even older than the Captain?
“We must get back to the problem at hand, Guardian Llyle.” He said in a serious voice. Behind Llyle, Arthur was smiling. The Captain ignored the smile and drew a circle around the Crown Peak with a finger. “Such a high incidence of attacks only means our journey will be incredibly perilous, as no matter what path we take, all will lead to the top of the Peak and will pass through equally Nightmare-infested terrain.”
“I understand. Um, if that is all I’m needed for here, I’m going to go outside. May I?” he said, his face mirroring his uncertainty as permission to do almost anything was to be obtained from an adult first, in his experience.
“Of course. Though, why you ask, I cannot fathom.” The Captain said in a puzzled voice.
“Llyle, how about you go find with Lizzie? I’m sure she hasn’t strayed far.” Arthur said behind him while steering him towards the tent’s entrance. He nodded and left the tent while Arthur turned to the Captain and the elderly faeries, gathering information from them all so that he got the broad picture of the state of the entirety of Avalon. It was bringing back many memories of his time, when he was going to be trained and would need to come with a plan to save Avalon. He was both happy and sad as he recalled those long gone days.

Just outside the tent, Lizzie had been waiting patiently for the boy. As soon as she saw him, she smiled at him and took his hand. Llyle smiled back and saw that the faerie girl’s blond hair had become a pale green in the blue light from all the Stars-spears and lights made from the Stars.

She leads him away from the tent towards a spar of rock jutting from the edge of the path. They walk to the very edge and sit, their short legs dangling over the precarious edge without a worry of falling. The two sat for a while in silence, Llyle enjoying the night sky, which looked so much that the one back home. The thought of home brought an ache to his heart and caused the Star sitting safely in his pocket to pulse gently.

He sighed softly and they just looked out over the wide Dream River. A sliver of light began to appear above the tree tops on the opposite bank. “What’s that, Lizzie?”
“It’s another moon.”
“Another moon? How many are there?” Llyle asked while Avalon’s second moon continued its ascent, its pace much faster than he would have expected. It was almost much larger than Earth’s moon.
“There are three, though the smallest and brightest is seldom seen here in the Port” Lizzie replied matter-of-factly.
“Strange. Back on Earth, there’s only the one that I know of…” Llyle said, and then leaned back on his hands. “Do the moons make the level of the River go up and down?” he asked after a few minutes,
“Not that I know of, Llyle. Why?”
“The Moon back home makes the ocean level change every six hours, depending on where it is.”
“Now that is strange, Llyle.” Lizzie said with a giggle.

The shuffling of feet behind them made the two youngsters turn around, but both sighed in relief when they saw that it was Arthur who had come to join them. He smiled down at them and then walked over to the ledge next to Llyle and plopped himself down, his feet also dangling over the edge.

“I heard you two discussing the ways of the Universe and thought I’d add my two cents worth. Here in Avalon, the Laws of Physics that apply on Earth and other planets do not entirely apply. Some do, but those are more due to logic than physics. For example, the flow of water is always downhill, because it would be odd if it did otherwise, no? You do, however, get creatures that should not be airborne that float through the skies with great ease.”
“Strange way for things to work but I suppose this is a place made up of dreams. I remember having falling dreams sometimes, but sometimes I would float to the ground instead of hitting it, or I would run super slowly when I was trying to run. I hated those dreams!”
“Hmmm, yes, I remember having such dreams, myself, back when I could dream. However, while on the subjects of dreams and Rivers made of such things, the level is governed not by the moons as dreams are metaphysical and are unaffected by the concept of Gravity. What does govern the level, however, is how close the crystal sitting in the Dream Spring is to its critical capacity for fear. As it nears full, the level will begin to drop as dreams turn to Nightmares due to the fear not being removed from them and so they will escape the River. Dreams are quite large but Nightmares are very condensed, causing a large drop in level when the volume of the combined Nightmares is much less than the drop.”
“So, the River might not be an option for Llyle to use to get to the Crown Peak?” Lizzie asked timidly.
“No.” Arthur said flatly.
Lizzie looked discouraged by that fact but Llyle seemed undeterred. He also looked like something was on his mind other than the plight of Avalon. Arthur was looking at Lizzie and didn’t notice the boy’s thoughtful expression. She nodded towards her new friend and Arthur cocked an eyebrow at Llyle. “Is there anything on your mind, Llyle? Perchance, a revolutionary idea of some sort?” He asked, quite curious.
“Arthur, you told me Avalon was created from the dreams of all the Humans that ever lived on Earth.” Llyle asked slowly, as if unsure of his line of thinking.
“That is correct. Why?”
“Well, if planets other than Earth can have moons, and I know some in our solar system do, could that mean that there might be other Avalons for other planets with aliens on them? If those aliens dreams too, I mean.”
Lizzie looked at Llyle blankly, not understanding what he was going on about, but Arthur cupped his chin and hummed softly. “I agree that such an idea is not impossible,” he said after a few minutes thought, “But,” he continued, “I know not of any other inhabited worlds, nor of any other versions of Avalon. You’d have to ask Michael or whichever Angel comes with the Ferry when this whole ordeal is over, Llyle. It would be interesting to know, though.”
“Do you think the Angel will tell me, if he or she knows?” the boy asked his Mentor, hope and curiosity heavy in his voice.
“Maybe, though it isn’t up to me whom knows such things. We may never find out.” Arthur said with a shrug before stretching until his old joints popped.
TAoL Part 9: Are there others?
This lovely piece is the 9th installment of The Adventures of Llyle serial that comes out every Friday, unless there is a varsity-induced hiatus!

In this installment, Llyle wonders if there are more worlds like Avalon out there. Will he ever find out? Stay tuned until the end! Because even I don't know yet so no spoilers at all :meow:

:watch: me for access to next week's Part 10 :la: It's worth it ;)

    Llyle awoke in a grassy meadow with flowers aplenty; some were colours he didn’t even know existed and while others were shapes that boggled the mind. Either way, it was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. “Am I in heaven?” he thought to himself. He’d always been told it was a beautiful place.


    “Can’t be. I’m not in the clouds” he said aloud, looking up at the sky and seeing it scattered with those fluffy cotton-ball-like blobs of white.


    Llyle slowly got up and looked around while rubbing sleep from his eyes. Oddly enough, he didn’t feel all that groggy like he usually did when he woke up. “I better find someone so I can find out where I am and how to get home,” he thought after having a good look around the meadow. “Well, since this place isn’t in the clouds, it can’t be heaven so I should be able to get home...” he muttered.


    Llyle found a path into the forest and decided to follow it, ending up in another meadow. This one, however, was different to the one he’d woken up in. There was a girl in it, on her hands and knees seemingly searching for something. Her skin was the colour of lilacs and a flower crown sat upon a head covered in shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair.


    Now, he knew it was rude to stare at people, but this lilac-skinned girl had something very stare-worthy; a pair of gossamer wing sprouting from her back. He moved to stop staring and try to keep finding his way through the forest but his hand brushed some leaves. He cringed and looked back and the mysterious girl. She was looking straight at him. “Can I help you?” she asked him, her voice sweet and lilting.


“Um...” Llyle stammered, “I’m a bit lost....”


“I’ve never seen you before. Where did you come from?” she asked and sat up, looking at the odd,

pale-skinned, wingless boy.


“A meadow just back the way I came” he replied, a bit shy now that he could see her whole face. “Is this heaven?”


    The girl looked confused. “I’m not sure where that is, but you’re in Avalon.” She then put a hand on her chest. “Avalon is the land of the fae, like me.”


“Fae? You mean fearies?”


    She smiled, and it was such an honest, beautiful smile that Llyle couldn’t help but smile back. “Exactly! But, you’re still quite lost.” She stated matter-of-factly.


    Llyle looked down. “I know” he said softly, “And I know my family is probably worrying already. Could you help me find a way out of Avalon?”


“There’s only one way out of Avalon, and that’s to travel on a special ferry on the Dream River.”


    “I see.... Would you be willing to help me get to it? My name is Llyle, by the way…” and he stretched out his right hand shyly, as he had been taught to when introducing himself to somebody new. The fae girl stood up, walked over to Llyle and took his hand, “Lizzie. I pleasure to make your acquaintance, but I’ll only help you if you become my friend.”


    “Lizzie? That’s almost like my sister’s name!” he said happily. “She has hair just like yours, and a little button nose just like yours.” Llyle suddenly missed his little sister very much, but did his best to smile. “I would love to become your friend!” he said, looking Lizzie in the eyes.


“I pleasure to be your friend Llyle.” she replied, smiling at him.

The Adventures of Llyle(Part 1: Arrival in Avalon)
This short piece is part of what will be a weekly story series. It's a tribute to the brother of someone special, who I'll never get to meet but who I will never forget about.

If you enjoyed this little piece, please stay tuned as I will be uploading every week, though they might become longer.

Oh, don't forget those who've past. They're sure to not forget you.

Part 2 can be found here:
Part 3 can be found here
Once again during Lit commissions and will be posting Part 9 of TAoL after a long writing hiatus :D
I'm on a lit and commish hiatus currently, but just for a short while :)

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