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Hunger Battle Commission for JJWsmith - Part 2
    “No way are any of us pulling out!” shouted Princess while she dragged herself to her feet, her stomach still growling but at a lower volume. She began helping the others to her feet and her stomach then noticed it was going to wait even longer and began increasing its volume once again, letting its anger be known to its host. By then Princess had already pulled Maddie Fenton and Cree to their feet, but her stomach growing angry and growling louder once again then renewed the two standing women’s stomachs’ growls. They clung to each other and patted or rubbed their stomachs, their loose skin rippling or moving in response to the hands.
    “I won’t be able to take any more of my tummy being so empty for much longer,” Princess whined, like a little girl. “If this goes on for too much longer I think I’ll die...”
    “You think you might die?” Exclaimed C
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HUNGER BATTLE - Hunger Story commish Part 1
 Who is Hungrier?
    “Today we bring you the Who’s Hungrier? National Championships LIVE from what has been renamed Contest Beach!” a male voice announced over the loud speakers spread across the beach.
    On the stage stood the announcer, a judges table with five judges and two podiums of three steps each. Above each podium stood a coloured banner: a red banner over the left podium and a blue banner over the right podium.
    “Under the Red banner we have Maddie Fenton, mother of Danny Phantom, Debbie Turnbull and who can only be described as Dexter’s Mom!” At the announcement all three women began striking poses and looking fierce. All three wore red tank tops and white exercise shorts.
    “Under the Blue banner,” the announcer then said while indicating the other podium, “We have Cree, Valerie and Princess!” Ea
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Tiger Town Commission for Catprog
Tiger Town
    You wake up in a partially dark room, light streaming in through the gaps in the blinds. There is no blanket covering you but you find that you do not feel cold. You sit up on the bed and rub your face and it takes but a few seconds to realise it’s covered in fur.
    With a start, you begin to recall what happened to you while you stare are your furry, paw-like hands, the fingers tipped with sheathed claws. You recall sneaking into an abandoned theatre in the lower-downtown area and putting on a weird-smelling tiger suit. After zipping it up, the suit shrunk to fit tightly against your skin, becoming one with your skin. Your body changed as well, your limbs changing shape and a tail sprouted and grew from the base of your spine. Before the transformation was complete, even your gender changed to that of a female, with breasts growing from your chest. After that you remember nothing but wakin
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TAoL Part 13: Armoury Treasure Trove
Arthur hesitantly walked towards the door and called for his visitor to enter. The man who entered was not quite a man, for his skin glowed with some inner light and a great pair of white-feathered wings was furled close against his back.
“Ah, Arthur. I was certain you would be here,” the Archangel Michael said in a jovial fashion.
“You can’t be here to tell me the next name!” Arthur replied, somewhat frantic.
The Archangel merely waved the words aside and began looking around. “I’m here to speak to the boy, Arthur. Where is he?”
Arthur was somewhat dumbfounded that he had been wrong and merely pointed towards the couch and the faeries gathered around it. Michael smiled, gave him a nod of thanks and strode over to the couch, ignoring all the worried expression arranged around him. He looked over the back of the couch and down upon the unconscious boy before making a thoughtful sound. “He’s looking a bit paler than I’d im
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Lilo and Stitch Hunger Story - Part 2
“At least there will be one less person complaining,” Mertle muttered, to which everyone gasped in surprise. “It’s true, though.”
“That’s a really mean thing to say about your friend, Mertle,” Lilo said, pointing at the ginger.
“Nobody is going to die,” Nani then told them as reassuringly as she could, though even she was also beginning to think such dark thoughts. Would they die? Nani’s stomach reacted to that thought. Dying meant it would never get fed, and that was something it couldn’t allow. It had to spur her on even harder! It growled and gurgled defiantly with Nani’s stomach skin rippling with the vibrations. She grabbed a hold of the door frame to steady herself and patted her soft, squishy, empty stomach with her free hand, making the skin move like a sheet in the wind. “I have to get through this,” she whispered, feeling light headed. “I have to save these girls but
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Lilo and Stitch Hunger Story - Part 1
“Nani, have you seen my hula skirt laying around?” Lilo called to her sister from deep inside her laundry basket. It was the day of the big luau and concert the Kula School organised every year to show case what the girls had learned about hula dancing and other Hawaiian topics. It was only early afternoon but she couldn’t find her skirt.
“Maybe if it wasn’t left laying around, you’d know where to find it,” her sister called back before walking into Lilo’s room with the aforementioned skirt in her hand. “You need to be more careful with your things.”
“Yes, Nani,” Lilo said softly as she took the skirt and stuffed it into a duffel bag. While stuffing it in, Lilo’s stomach began a soft growl. She looked down at it and rubbed it softly. “Looks like my tummy is empty and could use a snack.”
“Hungry, huh? Well, it is just past lunchtime,” Nani remarked, looking down at
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TAoL Part 12: The Sudden Visitor
Lizzy zipped up through the trees until she burst through the canopy. After quickly getting her bearings, she flew in the direction of the Tree of Memories as fast as her wings could carry her.
It took longer than she had wanted, but soon enough the huge tree and its orange fruit came into sight. The little faerie flew for the nearest opening in its branched and headed for Arthur at the base of the tree, who sat reclined in his rocking chair.
The hard flutter of wings caught his attention and he looked over at her as she nipped down and almost crashed into one of the Tree’s massive roots. Arthur frowned when he noticed Lizzy’s panicked expression, the way she grasped for words.
“Lizzy, why are you in such a panic?” he asked, slowly, and rose from his rocking chair. “Where is Llyle?”
“I had to leave him in the forest so that I could get you as quickly as I could,” she managed to say, her breathing shallow and rapid even though such a thing
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Puffy Ami Yumi Hunger Story Commission - JJWsmith
It was a normal morning on the Puffy AmiYumi tour bus. Ami stretched as she got out of bed, the tour bus vibrating gently beneath her feet. It was going to be a terribly busy day, what with the string of concerts Kaz had organised that were so close together. Such a busy day would require a king’s breakfast, or at least one fit for a J-Pop queen, Ami thought to herself. “Good thing the fridge is…empty?” she said as she looked inside, perplexed to see empty shelves. And was that a spider?
“Odd. I could have sworn it was full just the other day….” She mumbled, thinking aloud. Ami frowned and closed the fridge door before checking the freezer. It, too, was barren. “Oh, come on.” She mumbled and puffed out her cheeks in frustration. The only other place to look was the cupboards, so Ami hunkered down to open them.
Just as she bent down, her blue-haired band mate, Yumi, came walking into the kitchen while yawning behind her
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Mature content
TAoL Part 11: Freedom of Flight :icongreen-eyedtiger:Green-EyedTiger 1 1
Lit Commission - Human Hunger
It was a strange start to the day for Ben, Gwen and Lucy found themselves in a locked room, with three white walls and one glass wall. Behind the glass wall were a bunch of weird aliens in labcoats. The three kids had been in that room for hours, but had been getting hungry since they all woke up.  
They were all huddled together, trying to figure out what was up with the collars around their necks when Gwen’s stomach started to rumbled. She softly rubbed it and frowned. “I’m tummy’s getting hungry, you guys,” Gwen mumbled grumpily. Ben looked over at the aliens behind the glass and noticed they were all suddenly frantically scribbling something on clipboards. One tapped a screen and seemed to confer with another alien, who nodded in response to something.
Ben’s stomach was the next to rumble, only quite loudly. He patted it and told it that it would get food as soon as they got out but it rumbled louder. “Ugh, now I’m
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TAol Part 10: Limitless Thought
The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful and so Llyle took Arthur back home on the Hover Scooter after saying their goodbyes to Lizzie, with Arthur promising she would see Llyle again soon. The night went by with Arthur telling Llyle about the time he came from, with the courting and the balls and how he feels that life then was both simpler but harder than the one Llyle is living in, what with the simple technology of back then but with the lack of medical technology.
The next day, Llyle and Arthur breakfasted on some unrecognisable fruit which apparently Andorin had brought in while the two had been talking. After breakfast, which Llyle found surprisingly satisfying for just fruit, Arthur asked him what he’d like to do that day.
“I was hoping I could practice a bit today, since yesterday I didn’t do so well,” Llyle said after a few moments of thought.
“Perfectly acceptable, Llyle,” The old faerie said with a smile. He got up and walked to the
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TAoL Part 9: Are there others?
The short walk up the track towards the large command tent was a strange one for Llyle. It was akin to going to the movies where one walked through a dark corridor with a few blue lights on either side showing you where to go so you didn’t hit a wall. The guards at the tent’s entrance allowed them inside without question.
A large male faerie with sky blue skin, intense red eyes and a bald pate was talking to other faeries of various colours over a map as the trio walked in, pointing to it while mentioning different names. He looked first at Lizzie and gave her a curt nod of thanks. She curtsied in response and then indicated Llyle.
“This is Llyle, good Captain Kornel” Lizzie said softly but didn’t introduce Arthur to him, though the old faerie just waved to the large Captain jovially.
“So, Arthur, this is him?” Captain Kornel asked in a deep yet rather smooth voice, which Llyle had expected would be rough as is the usual for such people, charac
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TAoL Part 8: Guards Among Us
The entire Forest of Memories extended below Llyle and Arthur as they headed west towards the River bank. Both were quiet while Llyle turned Arthur’s words over in his mind. As they flew closer to the bank, Arthur spoke. “Tell me, Llyle, did you notice the trinkets sitting on the shelves back at the Den?”
“I saw a few, but I wasn’t looking too closely” the boy admitted, only half paying attention. It had become easier to fly the hover scooter without having to think so hard and he found he only had to keep it moving forwards instead of up where they were, just as Arthur had instructed back at the Den.
“They have been collected over millennia, combed from the banks of the Dream River every so often after they materialized, so to speak, from the flowing dreams.”
“I remember you said that some of the furniture in the Den got washed up,” Llyle said, paying a bit more attention than a few minutes before.
“It’s true. The
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Commission - A rooftop exchange
*Niamh is pronounced “Nee-yev”
Elodie sat upon a bench on the flat rooftop of the orphanage she has lived in for the past four years. The autumn wind blowing from her left sifted through her single high pig tail, tickling her neck. The sun was warm at least and it was quiet. Most of the children who lived in the orphanage were out for the day at one of the many museums in the city, that particular one showcasing a large portion of historical artefacts from the days of Louis XVI.
She would have gone too if it was perhaps an art museum, but today’s outing did not appeal to her. It was pleasant to have such a quiet air about the orphanage, though. No shouting at children to leave her alone, especially since she couldn’t be alone in her shared room. Elodie looked out over the railing at the edge of the roof, towards the beautiful French coast, which was not far off. Looking at the sea brought back childhood memories of the beach, of the searing heat of
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LIT TRADE - Zoey, The Zombie Cannonball
It was close to midnight when the nightly circus show finally came to an end and all the visitors were filing out. Zoey, resident not-so-human and very-zombie cannonball was helping move her cannon back into the backstage of the Big Top with The Strong Man’s kind assistance. She was about to begin checking it and cleaning it, as was her nightly and post-show ritual, when her partner, Violet, came up behind her. Voilet was the circus’ resident explosive and pyrotech expert. Incidentally, she was also a vampire. They were different, just like all the circus staff. They were not monsters, exactly, though many would consider them so.
“Do you have a minute, Zoey?” Violet asked with her hands behind her back.
“Sure, I do.” Zoey replied, turning around and smiling at her vampiric friend.
“Since tomorrow night is going to be big, I decided to get you something for good luck” the pyrotech said as she pulled a medium-sized wooden box from be
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TAoL Part 7: A History Lesson
Llyle gripped the handlebars of the hover scooter as tightly as he could and made it shift quite sharply in an attempt to dodge whatever was racing towards him. He looked back at Arthur, who seemed to be completely calm and strangely unconcerned. To his amazement, the creature slowed and stopped right before them, idly flapping its huge wings to keep it in place.
“Ah, Good Arthur, it is but you” it said in a feminine voice with a mixture of delight and disappointment.
“You are easier to recognise at a distance, my friend, so I do not hold it against you.” The Guide replied, waving his hand dismissively.
Llyle turned back to the old fae. “You know this thing?” he asked, his face horror-stricken.
“I am not a thing. I am a proud, and very old, creature known as a quetzelcoatl.” And its feathers puffed out in disgruntlement.
“The boy meant no harm, Sartrix. Calm yourself.”
The queztelcoatl’s feathers ruffled but flattened ba
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I need a new icon. Suggestions? Preferably a puffin of some sort :)
Didn't realize I'd been on dArt for so long already O_o


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