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So, some updates!

The Adventures of Llyle will be taking a break next week due to assignments(evil and tedious little buggers) but will resume the week after:) Today's update will still be posted today ^^,

Recently I got my girlfriend :iconpanda-bear91: a Togepi plush and surprised her at her house with it :meow:

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Now on to doing my work :clapping:


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Jonathan Cowan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
I'm a hobbyist writer who day dreams story scenes all the times and then forgets what I thought up. I'm Italian/Irish living in the city of Pretoria, situated in the beautiful South Africa! I write poems on a occasion, usually only when asked to by a friend which, for me, makes the poem more special:)

Currently I'm a student at the University of Pretoria doing a BSc in Agricultural Animal and Pasture Science. I love to read, mainly Fantasy and Sci-fi. I'm particularly a fan of Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd. Currently I'm planning a slight twist to Pern. Not a huge change like some of the fanart and fanfics I've seen(which absolutely shocks me, though maybe I'm just an extreme purist towards that amazing world....:shrug: ) though it is an idea that could have great potential. Its for myself though one day If Todd McCaffrey say's it does justice to his mother's world I'd be over the moon.

I'm like photography to a degree but I see it as capturing I moment that may never happen again instead of creating a moment. That's about it for what I feel anyone who sees my profile should know :)

For those who visit and enjoy reading my pieces, I'm glad you did and I hope they were an exciting door to another world/ place!


Llyle gripped the handlebars of the hover scooter as tightly as he could and made it shift quite sharply in an attempt to dodge whatever was racing towards him. He looked back at Arthur, who seemed to be completely calm and strangely unconcerned. To his amazement, the creature slowed and stopped right before them, idly flapping its huge wings to keep it in place.

“Ah, Good Arthur, it is but you” it said in a feminine voice with a mixture of delight and disappointment.
“You are easier to recognise at a distance, my friend, so I do not hold it against you.” The Guide replied, waving his hand dismissively.

Llyle turned back to the old fae. “You know this thing?” he asked, his face horror-stricken.
“I am not a thing. I am a proud, and very old, creature known as a quetzelcoatl.” And its feathers puffed out in disgruntlement.
“The boy meant no harm, Sartrix. Calm yourself.”

The queztelcoatl’s feathers ruffled but flattened back against its body. She looked the boy over before lifting her head to look at Arthur. “I assume this to be your heir? He’s a bit on the thin side for my liking.”
“A good thing he isn’t here to be eaten.”

Llyle gulped and tried to take in the enormity of the huge, feathered, flying serpent hovering right before his eyes. The fading sunlight caused the rainbow of feathers along the creature’s body to shimmer and glow, but the angle of the slight seemed to be changing very slowly. Perhaps just a trick of the beautiful feathers. “There are things that eat other things here?”
“In a way,” replied Arthur. “Either way, Sartrix will not eat you. She cannot. Now, as for a formal introduction, this is Sartrix, one of the many mythical beasts that call Avalon home. She is a quetzelcoatl, a mythical beast from the lands of the Aztecs. I had planned to introduce you at a later time, but oh well.”

Sartrix dipped her head, but kept her eyes on the boy. Llyle did an awkward bow in return, not daring to let go of the handlebars just yet. “Sartrix, this boy is named Llyle. He arrived only today and shows great potential with the Stars already.”

“Is that so? Well, then, I should be around for many more cycles to come.” Sartrix said, her voice taking on a gentle and respectful tone.
“I can’t really do that much just yet…”
“Oh, pish posh. He took out four Nightmares at the Port on his own!”
“Four, you say? Most impressive. Ah, but Good Arthur, I wished to ask what you and this young boy are doing up here. You have not been in the sky for many a year.”
“I thought it prudent to begin this lad’s lessons as soon as possible, and so, here we are.”
“I understand. Will you hover here all day? Or will you be going anywhere besides in a circle?” the creature said with a hint of amusement in her voice, directing her questions at Llyle. She was sure he hadn’t noticed that he was making himself and Arthur rotate slowly. It was a wonder neither was dizzy.

“What’s so funny?” Llyle asked, puzzled. He then looked to his right and saw the scenery was moving. He let of a squeak and their revolutions stopped.  “I’d wondered why the wind kept changing direction but I thought it was just strange like the rest of Avalon…” Llyle mumbled rather shyly.

“Do not worry. The walking leather sitting behind you couldn’t get this thing to move in a straight line the entire time he has been here,” Sartrix told him in a trill that could have been a giggle of sorts. Arthur grumbled something about making him look bad behind his student. Llyle’s mouth turned into a bigger grin than he thought his face could bear. Sartrix didn’t seem so bad. She was also friends with Arthur, so that had to mean she was good.

“We will be heading to the Port. As you may have gathered from my boast, there was a Nightmare attack there. Some losses, but as far as I am aware, they were minimal.”

“I see. It is regrettable, but this has always happened. I shall accompany you to the Port.” She said promptly. Llyle wasn’t sure where the Port even was and started looking around. He then decided that heading to the River and going from there was probably best. The young boy turned the hover scooter and moved them towards the shimmering surface of the Dream River.

“Turn left when we reach the bank, Llyle” Arthur said suddenly, quickly grasping his intention.
“Yes, sir” he says almost automatically. He looked back and saw Sartrix flying sedately behind them. He focused on the water far ahead of him and moved the scooter along as fast as he was comfortable with, which wasn’t very.

They flew on in silence for a few minutes, during which Sartrix overtook them and did a few loops in mid air, looking as graceful as a swan. Llyle suddenly had a thought. “Arthur, as far as I know, God created Earth. Did he create Avalon, too?”

Arthur didn’t respond for a while, but there was the sound of humming. “That is a fair question, Llyle. I believe I can give you an answer. You see, Avalon is a place of dreams. It is a world where dreams go, and where dreams live.”

“Is Sartrix a dream, then?”
“All mythical creatures are dreams, for they first lived in the minds of all who believed in them. The more with the same dreams, the more of them there are here. It isn’t uncommon to find earthly things that wash up on the shores of the River, as they were dreams too, once upon a time.”
“Avalon was formed by the coalition of many dreams, Llyle. So, God created it by proxy, indirectly.”
“Hmmmm. Alright, Arthur. I don’t think I have any more questions for now” Llyle said softly, content with that.
“Do you wish to know how the Guides came to be?” Llyle’s tutor asked him suddenly.
“Do you mean that they weren’t always around?”
“Avalon came into being when the first dreams were dreamt. When fears became less primal and nightmares began to plague the early world, the Dream River began to change, to become murky and dark. That is when the Nightmares were born, and when the first Guide was needed.” Arthur said gravely, adding a bit of drama, as he was fond of the dramatic.
“Where did he come from?” asked Llyle, his voice full of wonder.
“From an ancient version of our world, many civilizations before what we know as recorded history. He, too, fell into a coma on Earth and awoke in an apparent paradise, inhabited by strangely coloured people with wings. He could speak to them, though he was unsure as to how they understood him and he them, but they did not shy away. ”

“Were they the faeries? Where did they come from?”
“Yes, Llyle, they were and still are. They, too, are dreams, in a way. They are the souls of people that never got to live, and so ended up here to become fae, where they can have a chance at a life and growing up.”

“What do you mean, never got a chance to live?”

“They either died before realizing who they are, so as children, or before they were born at all.” Arthur said sadly, the explanation bringing back painful memories from almost two centuries before.
“So that makes them dreams?”
“It does. The First was not in Avalon long before he came into contact with his first Nightmare. He wished to protect the fae, but lacked a weapon of any sort to fight the creatures. They attacked without preference, and those who they touched would turn to shadow and fade away.”
“Just like today?” and Llyle’s voice was also touched with sadness. He remembered seeing some of the fae disappear, and feared for the same happening to Lizzy when a Nightmare had pinned her in a corner.
“Just like today, Llyle. The First, however, had a great will and great determination, and through will alone birthed a Star in his own hands and formed it into a sword, though he knew not of sources of Stars like we do. He defeated the Nightmares, and realised he could save the faeries, after all.”
“Then what did he do, Arthur?”
“He studied the River, and saw that the Nightmares came from it as shadows in its depths and flowed with the river. He then followed the River back to its source, a huge feat in itself, back to what became known as the Crown Peak and stabbed the darkened Crystal at the bottom of the spring through which dreams enter Avalon. The Crystal was then cleansed, and so all the Rivers as well, thus freeing Avalon from the plagues of fear-induced Nightmares until it had to be done again in a distant time.”
“What happened to the First after that? Did he go back to the fae he protected?”
“Oh yes, but he too became a fae. He was offered a trip home by an Angel, or say it is said, but he declined and so became a faerie as he was then an inhabitant instead of a visitor. He then took it upon himself to learn what he could, for the Angel also told him another would come, so that he could teach the next what was required of them and what they would need to do.”
“Will that happen to me if I decided to stay, Arthur?”
“Of course. Just as it happened to me when I chose to stay and wait for you.”
“So, if I choose to stay, an Angel will tell me who will come next? Okay. But what lesson did the First learn?”
“How am I supposed to know that?”
TAoL Part 7: A History Lesson
This is the seventh installment of a story about a boy who fell into a coma and arrived in the fantastical world of Avalon, only to find out he's there to save it.

This is part of a weekly serial which comes out every Friday, which, admittedly, is a couple of days late. Next week will not have a post, due to academic reasons.

All previous parts (1-6) can be found in my Gallery and in Writing Central.

If you have any comments about the story or even any questions, feel free to comment or note me :) I also do lit commissions ^^,

As always, Enjoy!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Watching: Fewer things than before!
  • Playing: Less than I watch to :c
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Whatever I feel like :3
So, some updates!

The Adventures of Llyle will be taking a break next week due to assignments(evil and tedious little buggers) but will resume the week after:) Today's update will still be posted today ^^,

Recently I got my girlfriend :iconpanda-bear91: a Togepi plush and surprised her at her house with it :meow:

To do list:


Sailor Moon for YuriCooli 

Lit Trades:
Zombie-girl Cannonball for Heavier-Lobster

Free Request for hitting 4k views:

OC Brock for shika-paprika

Now on to doing my work :clapping:

Arthur suddenly stood up and turned towards the hole in the huge tree. He invited Llyle inside and told Andorin to take Lizzy back to the Port where they’d be of more use as they could help with salvage and repair. The boy looked at his friend, reluctant to be separated from her so soon after meeting her, even though he’d basically done so not a few hours before. The fae girl just smiled at him and told him that they will be fine and that he should go in. Llyle nodded and stood up, gave Lizzy one last look before following Arthur inside.


They followed a wide, spiral staircase running clockwise beneath the tree, which was lit by a familiar blue light. The origin of this light, however, was not quite apparent to Llyle. After a few turns it ended at an archway, which led into a large, circular room filled with the usual things one might find in a lounge of sitting room; a couch, a coffee table, a foot stool, a well-worn carpet, as well as some shelves containing little knick-knacks. At irregular intervals along the room’s wall were other thick roots, almost as if they had grown around the room. It too was lit by a familiar blue light. Llyle looked around while Arthur continued walking across the room, only to wait at another archway.


As Llyle slowly scanned the room, he found the source of the light; many shining Stars hung from the ceiling or were set in elaborate, glowing brackets. In the centre of the ceiling hung a chandelier shaped like a smaller tree’s roots, a Star held at the end of each root.


“Arthur, who made all this?” Llyle asked with his mouth agape while he stared at the chandelier.


 “It’s rude to stare, Llyle” Arthur replied patiently. “It was made long ago by some long-forgotten Guide, as is all of this. It might just be possible to find out, however.”


“Really? How? With your Crystal Ball?”


“I hadn’t thought of that, but no. Come and you shall see.”


The boy stopped his gawking and quickly joined up with the Guide. They travelled down another staircase, though this one was much shorter and only went down for one turn before ending at another archway, through which came the most amazingly bright and blue light Llyle had ever seen.


“I know you’ll like this next room, Llyle. I know I did. You won’t find answers as to who built the Den, but you will learn something special.”


Llyle didn’t know what the old fae meant by that, but the boy followed him into the room anyway. He had to blink against the bright light until his eyes adjusted, but when they did, all he could do was whistle in appreciation of the sight before him.


The room was even larger than the one above them, and its contents emitted so much light that there wasn’t a single shadow to be seen. Llyle slowly walked among stands of glowing armours, racks of every sort of bladed weapon he could think of, which weren’t many due to his age, and then some. Here and there were shields of many shapes and designs, other strange doo-dads and who knew what else from just gazing at the room.


“Quite a sight, ey?” Arthur said with an air of pride.


“What is all this stuff?” Llyle asked in a hushed whisper, so in awe of the room that he could barely speak.


“It is called the Armoury. This is where all the tools of our predecessors are kept, more as a reminder of the past than anything else, as most of these things are useless to anyone but their creators.”


Llyle was about to pick up a broadsword off a rack but stopped short. He turned to Arthur, confusion evident on his face. “Why is that? Surely weapons are just weapons? I guess I can understand why for the suits of armour, as some of them are so big!”


The old fae walked over to a rack behind Llyle and picked up a wide-bladed claymore. He did a slow and intricate dance with it before returning the sword to its rack. Arthur sighed. “Many of our predecessors were very possessive, and so they created their gear so that it could only be used by them. Your hand would pass through them if you tried to pick one up, though others would not.”


“What about that sword you just took and played with? It must have belonged to someone huge to have been used!”


The old fae man smiled down at the boy. “That was my blade, which I wielded all those years ago in the last Cleansing.”


“You have to be lying, sir, because that sword had to be way too big and heavy for you to use properly…”


The Guide shook his head and gently propelled Llyle across the room to yet another, but unseen, door. “Remember, Llyle, that what you make of a wish is limited by your mind. What you make can weigh whatever you want it to weigh without taking away its most defining property. Some weapons, such as a warhammer, would preferably be heavy, as that is what the wielder may want. My claymore, however, was feather light and very sharp. Now, on towards the final room.”


Arthur led Llyle down another staircase. The last room was the biggest of the three, its walls lined floor-to-ceiling with mostly-full book cases formed from interwoven tree roots. The lighting was also much dimmer, just right for reading in. The shelves were filled with volumes written by previous Guides; some where personal histories, others recounting many journeys to the Crown Peak and the milestones along the way. Some even recounted previous experimentations with the limits and capabilities of the stars, divulging secret upon secret about what could and could not be done with them.


“So many….” Said Llyle softly.


“Do not worry, my boy. You do not need to read them all, not for this journey. That is the job of the Guide in preparation for receiving of the next Guide-To-Be.”


“Does that mean I’ll have to read all these if I choose to stay?” Llyle asked, disheartened at the prospect of reading so much. Would he even be able to read it all?


“Pretty much. I did, and I rather enjoy knowing all those secrets. Now, I will pass them on to you. Come along.” Arthur began the trek back up the stairs, Llyle in toe. They didn’t stop until they reached the first room. “Please sit in the couch” the old fae said as he sat down in a plush armchair. Llyle sat and fidgeted awkwardly.


From somewhere that seemed like thin air, Arthur produced a small Star and handed it to Llyle. “We will be starting your first lesson right now, as there is no better time to start.” Arthur said in an authoritative tone. Llyle took it and turned it over in his fingers. It looked like all the others he had seen, if not a little bit smaller.


“I want you to imagine that Star as a fruit.”


“That’s it? I just imagine it as whatever I want? Which is a fruit, yes?”


“Any fruit you like, yes.” And Arthur nodded encouragingly.


Llyle just shrugged and looked at the Star, concentrating, mentally reshaping it into a fruit for many minutes. This fruit turned out to be a mango. A glowing mango. Why a mango? Mangos were Llyle’s favourite. Arthur clapped softly to Llyle’s left. “Very good” he said, most pleased. “We shall try something theoretically more difficult as I am quite sure you may not know it yet. I wish for you to turn that lovely, big, glowing mango into a cube.”


“Well, you would be right, there. What is a cube?”


“It is a box shape with all the sides being of equal size, just like a die. You have played board games, yes?”


“Of course I have. I’ll try. Like a dice?”


“Exactly, only much larger, if you will. Oh, and with no spots.”


Arthur then sat patiently while Llyle’s mind worked hard at morphing the oddly shaped mango into a cube. After some time it began to deform and reshape, though the result was a very Picasso-esque, twisted cube. Llyle was rather disappointed in the result and sighed.


“Not to worry. I didn’t get it on my first try, either,” though what Arthur said was a well-concealed lie to ensure the boy’s feelings were spared. “Oh, I know what would cheer your little head up.”




“Follow me, and you’ll see” Arthur said, rubbing the side of his nose and winking. He got up and motioned for Llyle to follow, which he did. They went up the three revolutions of stairs and came out into what looked like the orange glow of sunset, filtering in through the leaves high above their heads. Arthur kept walking and so Llyle couldn’t stand around contemplating how much time had really passed in the Den. They walked around the broad base of the huge tree and then up a large buttress root. At the top was another hollow, and coming from it was the blue glow of the Stars.


They walked in and Llyle just stared at what stood before them. Arthur looked like he would burst from excitement. “So? What do you think?”


“Um…What is it?” this question seemed to deflate Arthur’s mirth just a bit.


“Isn’t it obvious? It’s an air cart!”


Llyle turned to look at the old fae as if he’d gone crazy in the short time between them leaving the Den to getting up to this weird garage. Where were the wheels on that thing, anyway? “Annnnnd we’re going to do what with it, exactly?”


“Well, I’m going to teach you how to fly it!”


“Excuse me?” Llyle paled. The thought of falling off that rather unsafe-looking device did not appeal to him at all. No doubt, it would be worse than falling off a bicycle.


Arthur quickly walked over to the back of it and got into the seat. He then motioned for Llyle to stand in front, behind what looked like handlebars on a pedestal. He did so with great reluctance, though nothing happened. “This will be another lesson, Llyle. What you need to do is concentrate on lifting the cart, thus moving it. This, in turn, will move us.”


“Arthur, I’m not a psychic.”


“Oh, pish posh. Just give it a try. This is much easier than reshaping.” He said, though his excitement was more encouraging than his words. Llyle sighed in resignation and put his brain to work. Within a few seconds, the “Air Cart” was lifting, rather slowly, off the floor. His eyes almost fell out in surprise when he saw they’d actually levitated.


“Good, good!” exclaimed Arthur, who leaned forward to pat Llyle on the shoulder. “Now, move us out the exact same way. Just imagine moving the cart forward, out of the hollow, and then upwards once again until we are above the trees.”


Llyle didn’t quite know what to say to that but thought it can’t be so hard, so he just went with it. The cart, which he mentally decided was more of a hover scooter anyway, slowly moved forward and through the hollow. He gulped nervously, took a deep breath and slowly made the hover scooter rise higher and higher. They floated between the immense branches and Dreamfruit on their up, the canopy of the forest growing closer and closer until they passed right through it, up into the open air.


The view that greeted the two was quite a thing to behold. A sunset of crimson, gold, blues, purples and even some yellow highlighting the clouds and mirrored on the still Dream River not too far away. Arthur just smiled and sighed, having missed that view since his wings had given out fifty years before. Llyle stared, watching the sun set and the colours change and fade.


Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned his head to the right, thinking it was some bird. It had large wings, feathers like a rainbow along its body, was rather serpentine and quite big. It was also racing towards them with its mouth wide open, gleaming fangs prominently on display.

TAoL Part 6: The Guide's Den
The 6th installment of The Adventures of Llyle, which is finally back in its Friday slot, after being a week late. My apologies.

The installments will stay in this slow until further notice, but any changes will be announced by Journal.

Enjoy :) All earlier parts can be found in my Gallery and in Writing Central

Any comments and critique welcome :D

EDIT: Added a little bit and fixed the errors :)
Hit 4k views so I'm doing a free request. Not really a kiriban but meh :shrug:

It's not "first come, first serve" and I do have the right to refuse the request, should I be uncomfortable with it.

Hit me with your story ideas :meow:

P.S. Still looking for someone to do an art trade with, Lit-for-art in the form of a story for an icon of a puffin reading a book ^^,

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